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Using the latest technologies, we provide professional CCTV surveys on drainage systems ranging from domestic sites to large diameter sewerage. From our findings we deliver a comprehensive condition report, including images and video footage, providing valuable insight into the state of repair of a drainage system. Our detailed report highlights the extent of any repairs that are required, enabling our client to make informed decisions about the potential to re-use an existing drainage system. Deployed as a standalone service or as part of a package including underground utilities mapping, we offer a range of options to suit any budget and project specification.

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Industrial Estate, North Yorkshire - Premier Surveys carried out a full range of services including topographical, underground utility mapping and CCTV drainage surveys at a large industrial estate in North Yorkshire. The drainage survey was used to establish the condition of the existing sewerage and storm water soakaways and to demonstrate evidence of connection to the public sewer.

Housing, Derbyshire – Our client briefed us to carry out drainage investigations at a derelict recycling centre in Derbyshire to inform drainage design decisions for a new housing development they planned to build. Having located several previously uncharted buried inspection chambers, our team provided information on the condition of the existing sewerage, as well as details about connectivity to the public sewers.

Housing, West Yorkshire – Following the demolition of buildings on a housing estate in West Yorkshire, Premier Surveys carried out a series of CCTV drainage surveys for our client. The surveys were used to verify the existing drainage connectivity, as well as providing a detailed post-demolition condition report to assess whether existing drainage could be retained for future use.

Visitors Centre, Stonehenge - As part of a large topographical survey project, our team carried out underground utilities mapping and CCTV drainage surveys around the visitor centre and adjacent parking areas, providing information to inform future enhancements of the visitor area.

Leisure Complex, Kingston upon Hull - Our team carried out a large multidiscipline project including underground utility mapping, topographical and CCTV drainage surveys at a health and leisure complex in Hull. The CCTV drainage survey was used to inform strategic design development decisions and to assess the overall condition of the existing drainage system.

Town Centre, Flitwick - As part of an extensive multidiscipline package of works, Premier Surveys conducted a range of surveys including topographical, underground utilities mapping and CCTV drainage surveys across a large section of Flitwick town centre.

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