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Geographic information systems (GIS)

With the ability to store, manage and analyse data, GIS systems have changed the way organisations manage their assets. Premier Surveys has been providing quality and accurate GIS data to our clients for 30 years, helping them to make smart decisions about their business. Our fully-trained surveyors have the expertise and technology to capture, catalogue and analyse geospatial data and provide in a format that best suits our client.

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London Borough Of Haringey – Fully automated GNSS data capture of asset with attributes in over 1500 Parks and Housing sites covering an area of over 160 hectares for direct input to client MapInfo GIS.

Buckinghamshire County Council – Condition survey of all footpaths, bridleways, stiles, gates and other features associated with public rights of way for Countryside Commission. Data conversion of existing paper records into digital format with feature attributes for GIS.

London Borough Of Camden – To facilitate planning and re-design within the borough’s controlled parking zones we were required to record road markings and road signs for residents, disabled, doctors, loading, diplomat, business parking bays, taxi ranks, coach and bus stops, parking meters, pay and display machines and lamp columns.

London Borough Of Wandsworth – Automated data capture of over 75,000 separate items of street furniture with approximately 1 million attributes of data for client ArcInfo GIS database.

Derbyshire Flood Defences – Flood risk assessment detailing information for hundreds of flood defence assets.