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Underground utilities

Underground utility survey

Understanding the location of buried services can be key to the successful delivery of a design or construction project. An underground utility survey from Premier Surveys provides accurate mapping of below-ground infrastructure, allowing our client to make informed design decisions and facilitate safe project works. Our experienced utility surveyors use a combination of Electromagnetic Location (EML) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology to locate buried services and deliver high-quality mapping to a variety of bespoke specifications, including PAS128. In addition to our mapping works, we also undertake service verification surveys where requested.

Desktop utility survey

As part of a compliant PAS128 survey our experienced team can also provide comprehensive ‘Type D’ desktop utility surveys. Sourcing information from a variety of asset owners, we compile the detail into a clear and concise report. This provides our client with an outline understanding of the public utilities to assist with early planning and feasibility considerations. This service is often complimented by a detailed underground utility mapping survey, providing comprehensive underground service knowledge to inform more detailed design considerations.

Borehole clearance survey

Extending from our utility mapping works, we also provide borehole clearance surveys. Using locations proposed by our client, our team can set out the position of proposed boreholes and conduct below-ground surveys to determine any potential clashes with existing services. Where required we will recommend alternative locations for site investigation, negating additional costs for separate setting-out works and providing cost-saving benefits in the process.

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St George's Park - Working with the Football Association, Premier Surveys have delivered several topographical and underground utilities mapping surveys at the National Elite performance centre, St George's Park

Premier Inn, Putney Bridge - As part of a multidiscipline package including a desktop utility study and topographical works, we provided information on the underground utilities of a split-level site in this busy part of London.


Visitors Centre, Stonehenge – As part of a large topographical survey project our team carried out underground utilities mapping and CCTV drainage surveys around the visitor centre and adjacent parking areas, providing information to inform future enhancements of the visitor area.


A6, Leicester City Centre - As part of a package including detailed topographical survey works over a large expanse of the central road network, we delivered a detailed underground utilities mapping survey on sections of the A6. This included major junctions and multi-lane carriageways, providing information to be used for the construction of new cycle lanes.

A4130, Oxfordshire - Our team carried out a PAS128 M3P survey of the A4130 highway and surrounding land. The output informed detailed design works for a major new highway infrastructure, which will enable a large-scale redevelopment project in the area.

Flitwick Town Centre - As part of an extensive multidiscipline package of works, Premier Surveys conducted topographical, underground utilities mapping and CCTV drainage surveys across a large area of Flitwick town centre.


Minehead, Somerset - Our team delivered underground utilities mapping survey works on a large greenfield site with several services passing through, together with a 1km section of the fronting A39. The output informed the detailed design of a new access road, which would run from the highway to our clients new housing development.

Burton on Trent - We carried out extensive underground utilities mapping of a former industrial town-centre site, to be used in the development of a large expanse of new housing. We provided detailed mapping of the remaining underground services within the site and surrounding highway frontages to inform the construction of the new housing and access roads into the site.