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Watercourse survey

Premier Surveys has vast experience in completing watercourse and river surveys of all characteristics. We have a long-standing relationship with the Environment Agency, having managed and delivered a wide range of major projects for the Environment Agency and flood modelling consultancies. All surveys are delivered to the latest surveying specifications provided by the Environment Agency. Our surveyors have the added benefit of specialist river-modelling knowledge and have completed the DEFRA Water and Flood First Responder training course to ensure they are appropriately qualified to work safely near water.

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Environment Agency: Thames & Anglian Regions – Survey validation contract to verify conformance of survey contractor’s work in channel surveys, topographical surveys, GPS survey control and beach profile monitoring.

Ashfield District Council: Kingsmill Reservoir – Survey of hard-bed and soft-bed silt levels to determine overall silt amount.

A13 Lea River Bridge, London – Survey of river bed profile and bridge structure for design of pedestrian walkway.

Environment Agency – Channel survey of six tributaries of the River Trent with combined length of 15km and over 200 cross sections surveyed. Deliverables included data in EACSD v3.2 format used for hydraulic models.

Derbyshire Flood Defences Survey – Survey of over 200 assets spread over 20km expanse.

Ware Sea Cliffs, Dorset – Profile survey of geologically unstable cliffs for coastal protection measures.